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Carpet Cleaning Harrogate and Upholstery Cleaning Harrogate

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My name is Paul Johnson a professional carpet cleaner and upholstery cleaner and the proud owner/operator of Johnsons Floor Care. I provide an Affordable, Friendly, Reliable and Trustworthy carpet cleaning service in Harrogate, Knaresborough and surrounding area. Every job I do I strive to get the best results possible, nothing less than perfection is accepted by myself. If you choose me to carry out work in your home or business you can rest assured your carpets and upholstery will be left fresher, cleaner and ready to use within hours.

I use one of the most advanced carpet cleaning systems on the market. A petrol powered machine which is mounted inside my van so there is no noisy machinery entering your property.  These types of machines are usually used commercially to clean restaurants, cinemas, pubs and hotels, so when you call me to clean your carpets you’ll experience a more superior clean and much faster cleaning process. This type of machine brings the best carpet cleaning experience money can buy and allows me to give a deeper more thorough clean, more efficiently than most Harrogate carpet cleaning companies. 

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Carpet cleaning Harrogate and Upholstery cleaning Harrogate

I use a powerful petrol powered, truck mounted carpet cleaning machine. Which are renowned for their power and speed of operation. Which simply can't be matched by small electric portable carpet cleaning machines, used by many carpet cleaning companies in Harrogate. Furthermore truck mounted carpet cleaning machines offer unrivalled suction power, water pressure and heat. My specialised carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning process is designed to allow me to clean deeper more give a more thorough clean. Therefore It gets the job done to the highest possible standard. Leaving most carpets dry in about 5 hours. My truck mounted machine is a complete self dependent setup. Mounted inside my van, running off a 18 horse power petrol engine. It has its own on board water supply and waste recovery tank and cleans up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

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First of all I pre-spray the carpet with my carefully selected chemicals. Depending on type of carpet and soiling levels then mechanically agitate with my Counter Rotating Brush. Rubbing the pre-spray deep into the carpet pile. This starts to break down the soil. Then this is where the power of the truck mounted carpet cleaning system comes into play. Because i have more suction it means I can use more water to rinse with. So you get a deeper more thorough clean. So you can enjoy a clean looking and fresh feeling carpet with my carpet cleaning service.

Not all Harrogate carpet cleaning companies have invested in this state of the art equipment. Because they are so expensive to purchase. But I've decided to give my customers the best service, the best clean and the best drying times. My set up allows me to work faster which means less inconvenience to your day.


We regularly clean our clothes to keep them clean and fresh, so why not regularly clean our carpets and upholstery too, how often varies widely from one environment to another. Over a period of time that fresh clean appearance will start to look dull and grubby especially walkways from hard floors, this will cause permanent damage if your carpets are not professionally cleaned regularly.

Your sofa and armchairs get a hard time everyday too, whether it's from general use to pets sleeping on them, children climbing over them or just being sat on. Food and drink spillages often result in your carpets and upholstered furniture looking old before there time. It makes sense to have them cleaned once in a while. Professional cleaning can bring them back to life giving a fresh look and feel to the whole room.

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The key to keeping your carpets and upholstery clean is good maintenance. By introducing regular cleaning you will prolong there life and restore there appearance. Hot Water Extraction (steam cleaning) his my preferred method of cleaning and is widely recommended by most carpet and upholstery manufacturers and is the most efficient method to clean most types of carpets and upholstery.

Carpet cleaning Harrogate after care advice:

  • Drying times can vary depending on fibre content of carpet, pile density, room temperature, humidity and air circulation.
  • Also to speed up drying times leave open internal doors and windows or external doors weather permitting. In addition If possible use a fan to create air movement.
  • Take care when stepping from a damp carpet onto a hard floor surface i.e. a kitchen or bathroom floor. As a result moisture picked up from the carpet can make the hard floor very slippery.
  • Sticky tabs or foil protectors should not be removed from beneath furniture until you are sure the carpet is dry. Because they prevent dye transfer or rust marks from sofas/furniture.

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