Rugs come in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials from natural fibres to synthetics. Rugs are indeed very beautiful and are the ideal way to finish off a room interior in style. I clean all types of rugs, including deep pile rugs, wool rugs, oriental style rugs as well as your factory man-made fibre rugs. I take great care with pre-testing to ensure I choose the correct methods and chemicals to thoroughly clean your precious rug whilst at the same time ensuring I don't cause any of the colours to bleed or damage the fibres. Rugs much like carpet accumulate a great deal of dirt and dust deep near the base of the rug, and although these go unseen, dirt and dust will eventually become a problem wearing away your rug fibres causing them to break away over time.

Thick rugs, whether man-made or natural will generate a notable amount of dust and dirt, down in the root of the pile and will eventually begin to make your rug looking tatty and tired and are very demanding when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. Rugs are often much more delicate than carpets. Where as carpets are specifically designed to handle high volumes of foot traffic, and are more hard-wearing, rugs are designed for much less use, so they are typically much more susceptible to damage.

The key to keeping your rug clean is good maintenance, as this helps to avoid loose dirt and dust from working there way deep into rug pile.

By introducing regular cleaning and maintenance to your rug as soon as you purchase it you are ensuring they will not only look good but will last longer.

Care tips

  • Lightly vacuum the back and front of the rug twice a week – try to miss the fringes.
  • Beat the rug once a year over a line to remove dust and dirt.
  • Comb or brush out fringes using a broad brush.
Rug cleaning in York
Rug cleaning York
Rug cleaner in York
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